October 31, 2016

Free Writing Process Posters

I love these writing process posters I made for my classroom and to share with others! They look so cute and you can use clothes pins as a clip chart to help you know where different students are during the writing process!

Reading Strategies

I am now teaching second grade and the kids are really enjoying learning different reading strategies for their fictional books. I was so excited about teaching these strategies that I wanted to make it more fun and engaging so I decided to make an interactive reading strategies book! I love colors so I decided to print them on colored paper to show my students when I teach them! The strategies included in the file are summarizing, story elements, asking and answering questions, predicting, character traits, cause and effect, main idea, fact and opinion, making connections, context clues, authors purpose, theme, point of view, inferring, and comparing and and contrasting. I also included note taking sheets and 2 choice boards!

August 4, 2016

Character Trait Posters

Character traits are one of my favorite things to talk about during reading. I can't wait to use my new character trait posters with my students this year!! :)

Back To School

I am now teaching second grade and love it! I will soon be creating more products for second graders! As school started, I learned so much already including the daily five, the CAFE, and new classroom management strategies. Below you will find pictures of my new favorite things :) I am especially excited about using my math strategy posters, daily five posters, and CAFE posters !!

June 16, 2016

Editable Binder

I have just recently updated my editable teacher binder and I can't wait to use it in my classroom this upcoming school year! Here is a preview of what can be found in my teacher binder :)

May 28, 2016

$10 TpT Giveaway!!

Congratulations to Kristy Sissaris for winning my $10 TpT gift card!! Thank you all so much for participating and please continue to stop by my blog or instagram to find out more about my products!!! Your feedback means a lot!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I am having having $10 giveaway until June 3rd!! All you will have to do to enter is 1. Follow my Teachers Pay Teachers Store & 2. Comment on any freebie in my store.
Thank you so much!! I will pick one lucky winner on June 4th! 

May 15, 2016

End of the Year Ideas

The end of the school year is coming up and I have created classroom rewards that I can't wait to share with my 4th graders :) They love getting awards and I have made a variety of different ones (45+) to share with your students if you would like! I also just finished my end of the year scrapbook that I am super excited about! I know the kids in my class are going to love it!! 

Currently in my classroom we are reviewing for the end of grade test coming up in 2 weeks. The kids have been working so hard! They have loved working on the 4th grade end of the year review math packet that I made for them and in reading they have really enjoyed having whole group discussions on the different test taking strategies. We will be working more on test taking strategies and talking with the guidance counselor about different strategies to help with test anxiety during the next 2 weeks. Thanks so much for  reading and stopping by my blog. 
Here are some of my end of the year resources that you may be interested in looking at:

May 5, 2016

Mother's Day

Mother's day is on Sunday and today in my class the kids worked on making gifts for their mother's and grandmothers. I went to Michael's yesterday and bought 28 mason jars, pink fabric, polka dot ribbon, and colored tissue paper! My student's were super excited when they found out they were making mason jar gift for mother's day! I had them write 10 things they love about their mom or their grandmother on different slips of colored tissue paper to put inside the jar! They came out beautiful!!!! I made the labels for the lid and tags to tie around the side :) I just uploaded them on my store today. The kids also worked on their mother's day booklets (they LOVED them so much!).
Here are some pictures :) Hope you enjoy them and thanks for reading!

April 24, 2016

End of the year ideas

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I recently just finished my 4th grade end of the year test prep packet. The kids love it! I included 109 questions and an answer key for each problem. This packet includes questions aligned to the common core standards. Right now the whole packet is $6.

I also finished up on my owl word problems and created a bundle for a discounted price (4 math centers for only $7. It includes: ALL OWL THEMED :)
32 adding and subtracting (2-digit) numbers task cards
32 comparing (2-digit) numbers task cards
32 adding and subtracting (2 digit) task cards
24 adding and subtracting (1-2 digit) word problems

Something else I am finishing up on is mClass question stem cards for my students to help them prepare for testing over the next few weeks! I will be uploading them very soon :)

April 2, 2016

Editable Teacher Binder

I love Lily Pulitzer designs and I recently designed an editable teacher binder with Lily Pulitzer inspired prints. I am so excited to share the editable binder and use it in my classroom to stay organized towards the end of this school year and the upcoming school year. I will be updating the calendars each year so that you can continue to use them, if you would like! If some of the binder covers are not what you would like, I included the name of the font I used so that you can continue using it with your own title. Here are some samples of the editable binder (hope you enjoy!!)
Thank you for stopping by and reading :)
Christine's Crafty Creations.

March 25, 2016

Inspirational Quotes

One of my favorite things to look for are inspirational quotes. I have them hung up in my classroom and all over my home and I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes here on my blog and my TpT store. I designed chalkboard themes for my favorite quotes and they are great for classroom and office decor. They are not only inspirational, but the kids LOVE them :) 

March 24, 2016


Easter is coming up soon! I am so excited, I love easter and all the colors. I recently made a free product (a multiplication and division easter egg sort). 

I plan on making one for addition and subtraction soon as well (they will be a great review activity for students during this time or as a review center when returning to school after the easter holiday). Today was an early release for the kids and tomorrow we have the day off for good Friday! I plan on making some new resources next week during spring break! Most of my resources have been for 4th grade but I have recently started making resources for other grades. I made some owl themed first/second grade math centers! I am planning on finishing up soon with a word problems center for the first/second grade owl themed centers and having them sold as a bundle pack for a discounted price.  Included in the bundle will be adding & subtracting 2-digit numbers, comparing 2 digit numbers, finding the missing value within 20, and word problems. Thank you all so much for your support and taking the time to stop by my blog. I hope you have a wonderful week!

March 16, 2016

World's Fair week

This week has been super exciting for the kids! It is world's fair week at our school and we are going all around to different classrooms with our "passports" learning about the different countries other classes have been learning about. Our class studied Greece!
In addition to learning about different countries from other classes, we had visitors come in from all over the world to present to us!! We were able to sign up for  different events throughout the week to learn more!          
This week we had a veterinarian come in to share about exotic animals from all over the world. He shared animals from Australia, Europe, the United States, Madagascar, and Africa. The animals that the veterinarian brought in to share with us were an African Parrot (Africa), hissing cockroaches (Madagascar), a corn snake (United States), a blue tongue skink (Australia), and  ferret (Europe).

Another exciting country we got to learn about today was Japan! It was super interesting! Japanese drummers came to talk about their culture and put on a drum show for us to watch!

Tomorrow we look forward to having a skype interview with students who live in Australia (we put together a bunch of questions that we want to ask them about their school and lifestyle and we plan on comparing how differently it is to our own). Then, on Friday we plan on having another skype interview with students who live in Liberia.

March 12, 2016

Week of March 7th, 2016

This week has been very exciting in my classroom! The kids are preparing for world's fair week, which will be the week of March 14th-18th!! During world's fair week, each classroom has a different country to study and each class decides on a project of their choice to share with visitors who travel to their room. My 4th graders are studying Greece and Greek mythology and the kids are all practicing for a play called the Gods and Goddesses Bake Off! I must say, it is amazing! I am so impressed with each students hard work, they have all memorized their lines and practiced very hard each day, I even love how each students roles in the play goes perfectly with their personalities. I look forward to posting pictures of our adventures throughout the week and writing more about the different countries we were able to learn more about!

Along with working on activities for world's fair week, the students have been reading historical fiction books and working in book clubs! I have been very impressed with their use of accountable talk! I created posters to help my students and they love them :) 


February 14, 2016

I have been working on multiplication & division task cards for my classroom. A lot of my students are into sports so I decided to make sports word problem task cards! I am so excited to use them this week :) 

January 22, 2016

Winter Weather

We finally got some snow this year in North Carolina!! It's so exciting, well actually it is more icy than snow, but it looks beautiful outside. Snow is one my favorite parts about the wintertime. It is a great day for some hot chocolate :) 

Valentine's Day Classroom Activities

Valentine's Day is coming up soon and I have created a task card bundle & classroom rewards coupons for students!! The task cards will be a great activity for math centers or as review games. I am super excited to use them with my 4th graders!! Below are the links to my store and more of my creations. Hope you enjoy :) Thanks for stopping by and reading! 

Place Value Bundle:

Rounding Task Cards:

Multiplication Task Cards:

Missing Factors Task Cards:

Class Reward Coupons:

January 10, 2016


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I have made flash cards to help students with practicing multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. I have been using the multiplication & division cards in my classroom for my math facts fluency center and the kids love them. I have recently just created the addition and subtraction cards to help with lower grades or as a review for upper grades.