April 24, 2016

End of the year ideas

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I recently just finished my 4th grade end of the year test prep packet. The kids love it! I included 109 questions and an answer key for each problem. This packet includes questions aligned to the common core standards. Right now the whole packet is $6.

I also finished up on my owl word problems and created a bundle for a discounted price (4 math centers for only $7. It includes: ALL OWL THEMED :)
32 adding and subtracting (2-digit) numbers task cards
32 comparing (2-digit) numbers task cards
32 adding and subtracting (2 digit) task cards
24 adding and subtracting (1-2 digit) word problems

Something else I am finishing up on is mClass question stem cards for my students to help them prepare for testing over the next few weeks! I will be uploading them very soon :)

April 2, 2016

Editable Teacher Binder

I love Lily Pulitzer designs and I recently designed an editable teacher binder with Lily Pulitzer inspired prints. I am so excited to share the editable binder and use it in my classroom to stay organized towards the end of this school year and the upcoming school year. I will be updating the calendars each year so that you can continue to use them, if you would like! If some of the binder covers are not what you would like, I included the name of the font I used so that you can continue using it with your own title. Here are some samples of the editable binder (hope you enjoy!!)
Thank you for stopping by and reading :)
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