May 15, 2016

End of the Year Ideas

The end of the school year is coming up and I have created classroom rewards that I can't wait to share with my 4th graders :) They love getting awards and I have made a variety of different ones (45+) to share with your students if you would like! I also just finished my end of the year scrapbook that I am super excited about! I know the kids in my class are going to love it!! 

Currently in my classroom we are reviewing for the end of grade test coming up in 2 weeks. The kids have been working so hard! They have loved working on the 4th grade end of the year review math packet that I made for them and in reading they have really enjoyed having whole group discussions on the different test taking strategies. We will be working more on test taking strategies and talking with the guidance counselor about different strategies to help with test anxiety during the next 2 weeks. Thanks so much for  reading and stopping by my blog. 
Here are some of my end of the year resources that you may be interested in looking at:

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