October 31, 2016

Free Writing Process Posters

I love these writing process posters I made for my classroom and to share with others! They look so cute and you can use clothes pins as a clip chart to help you know where different students are during the writing process!

Reading Strategies

I am now teaching second grade and the kids are really enjoying learning different reading strategies for their fictional books. I was so excited about teaching these strategies that I wanted to make it more fun and engaging so I decided to make an interactive reading strategies book! I love colors so I decided to print them on colored paper to show my students when I teach them! The strategies included in the file are summarizing, story elements, asking and answering questions, predicting, character traits, cause and effect, main idea, fact and opinion, making connections, context clues, authors purpose, theme, point of view, inferring, and comparing and and contrasting. I also included note taking sheets and 2 choice boards!